Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday's Answer: Involved Members Vs. Burn Out

How do we help motivate members to get involved (and not get burned out as leaders)?

This question connects what many have observed--the correlating ratio of leader burn-out to member involvement. When a homeschool group leader does all the work with little help from others, they use up all their reserve and feel like they have nothing left with which to continue. Frustration and exhaustion can overcome their good intentions.

How do you, a leader, protect yourself from this weary end? How do you enlist members to help lighten your load? Homeschool group leaders have been asking these questions for decades. Your leader stress will be greatly alleviated by remembering these realities:

  1. Learn to delegate and ask others personally to help with specific jobs.
  2. If no one volunteers to help with a particular project, let it go and do not overdo it.
  3. Keep relationships at the forefront of your job description, not tasks or activities.
Very soon, within this month, our answer-packed e-book One by One: The Homeschool Group Leader's Guide to Motivating Your Members will be available to answer these pertinent questions. Keep in touch so you don't miss out on the great money-saving deal for early orders. We will help by sending emails, facebook messages and blog posts with details to keep you connected. (You still have to time to post a comment for a chance for a free e-book, too.)

Thankful for servant-leaders like you,
Denise & Kristen
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JoJo Tabares said...

I have had the privilege of previewing their book before they both were guests on my podcast and I can tell you it's a fabulous resource!

Merit said...

I can't wait for it - I know I will find it to be very helpful!

happyhome said...

I have learned these lessons the hard way over the years. Now, if something needs to be done I ask our members for help. More often than not, someone (or several someones!) will volunteer. If not, then that usually means it was not something necessary for our group. This frees me up to focus on encouraging moms in homeschooling their kids.