Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sneak Peek

We are very close to launch, but are waiting for a few critical things that still need to fall into place. And then we will announce the actual date of the launch of this 80+ page mega-motivational resource.

Take a Sneak Peek Inside One By One: The Homeschool Group Leader's Guide to Motivating Your Members:

* Part I: Motivating Every Member
Three often-overlooked secrets every leader should know are revealed that will inspire your group members to willingly contribute to the life of your group.

* Part II: Engaging Every One
Practical Strategies for Relating to All Types of Members--From the shy mom to the occasional dad to the aloof teen to the experienced homeschool parent, and many others, we teach you proven ways to draw them each into your group, tap into their natural talents and watch them shine.

* Part III: Motivating Every Volunteer
Generate all the volunteer help you need by embracing and applying the principles shared in One By One that will lay a strong motivation foundation.

"I really cannot say enough about this book! Denise and Kristen have really captured the heart of leadership with One by One." ~Sheila C.

More to come,
Denise & Kristen


JoJo Tabares said...

This is a much needed book! Great job ladies!

Celia said...

I look forward to this book. Lately, our group seems to have the same people volunteering for everything and I think we're all getting burned out! Is it time to change our structure...or time to learn to motivate the others?! I hope the later.

--Celia <><