Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday's Tip


To manage your time as a leader, think in blocks of time. Work 50 minutes, then take 10 minutes for yourself. Doing something special for yourself a few minutes every hour will help you feel like a million bucks at the end of the day instead of like a worn-out dollar bill!


happyhome said...

Great tip. I passed this on to our hs group because it really applies to all of us as homeschool moms. We tend to think we are "slacking off" if we stop and rest from the busyness of our many tasks, but allowing ourselves a few minutes each hour to take a deep breath before we move on to the next thing will do wonders for us on many levels.

Kristen and Denise said...

Good for you!

I have been practicing this 50-10 rule today as we finish up our new e-book, "One by One: The Homeschool Group Leader's Guide to Motivating Your Members"! I'm working on the computer at home today while Denise is working from the road.

Anyway, there is always so much good to be done, isn't there? But I have not been overwhelmed by it all this time as I spend a few minutes at the end of each hour getting a bite to eat or playing a game of Nertz with my kids or walking out to the mailbox. It's been really nice.

Here's an extra tip: A timer has become my best friend today. I need something to hold me accountable as I get used to taking regular breaks. :-D

Blessings to you all as you take your much-deserved breaks!