Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday's Answer on Saturday!

We are having so much fun this weekend at the THSC Leadership Conference! Tim Lambert loaned us his lap top so we could tell you all about it! Our hotel room looks out on a lovely countryside prayer chapel. And beyond that, we can see a lake with a gazebo on several acres of rolling campgrounds. We are having so much fun that last night, Amberlyn, Kristen's 14 year old daughter, kept hushing us so she could go to sleep. :-)

We are hearing homeschool group leaders talk about how they love to come here to receive great encouragement and tons of hope. This is the annual Leadership Conference THSC hosts for homeschool group leaders in Texas. It is exciting to meet so many leaders, relax and fellowship with them, and glean amazing wisdom from them.

Norm Wakefield, the main speaker, challenges us every time to humility and repentence and revival in our hearts. His humble words renew our purpose as leaders.

We just came out of an amazing workshop where Doug and Patsy Arnold of Texas' Special Kids shared from their own experiences how homeschool group leaders can help families of children with special needs. It was so good, we can't wait to talk to them more about that.

Sheila Campbell also shared her touching story with us about what it's like for single moms who are homeschooling. She gave us insight on how to come alongside these special women. We believe you will be hearing more from her!

We also had the opportunity to conduct a workshop on the secrets to motivating your group members to get involved. One of our favorite parts was how people jumped in and shared inspiring ideas of what's worked for them. We were all encouraged! It was so much fun!!

The whole experience is one we are so grateful to be a part of!
Kristen & Denise
P.S. Be watching our web site--our new ebook is coming Nov. 1!


Best Life said...

We enjoyed your talk on Saturday about motivating your members. You two are adorable and I look forward to reading your ebook. Lisa~

Kristen and Denise said...

Thank you, Lisa. We had the time of our lives and God was so good to help us get in the zone at just the right time(nerves can do wacky things to your memory of your notes)! It was good to be at the LTC conference with all of you wonderful leaders! Thank you for all you do to inspire and encourage homeschoolers in the Texas Hill Country.

Speaking of that, *love* your blog! Got a little bit lost in it and in Portraits by Jenn tonight! :-)

Anonymous said...

Kristen and Denise, it was really great meeting with you this weekend. I loved your workshop on motivating your members. You two did a great job. You are very inspiring.

The conference overall was wonderful. Getting the opportunity to meet with other leaders and fellowship is such a blessing.

Becky Ryan said...

So great to see you both at the conference. Keep doing the great work that you're doing. Can't wait to read the e-book. Congratulations!!!
Becky Ryan