Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday's Answer: What To Do When Together

What do you do at support group meetings?

The answer to this question depends on the purpose of your homeschool group. Are you meeting because homeschooling moms need like-minded friends? Are you meeting for children's socialization? Are you needing classes or educational opportunities? Maybe your families come together for all these reasons and more.

Here's some options that many homeschool support groups, including ours, do at our meetings:
  1. Fellowship ~ Sometimes we have found the best meetings were those that were laid back, relaxing and free-flowing. Every member of the family could come to the meeting stress-free and just enjoy being together with other like-minded families.
  2. Educational Stimulus ~ It's always fun to see the homeschool students rise to the occasion and share their science project, art piece, drama presentation or geography study in an educational fair. Not only do they shine and get recognition for their hard work, but they also get practice speaking in front of other people (an important skill).
  3. Parties ~ Children and teens love a special occasion party, and being together with friends makes it especially fun. Games, Graduations, Fourth of July barbeques, Valentines, candy and presents give meaning to "the more the merrier."
  4. Topic Discussions ~ Encouragement, how-to's, homeschooling testimonies and great ideas give your families inspiration for their home schools. As a group, plan discussion topics ahead of time or, as a leader, prepare materials to bring for them. For a list of super great topic ideas, see The Old Schoolhouse Archives of "The Homeschool Minute."
  5. Sports ~ Even casual team-sport games need players. Your support group meetings could supply fun memories for all with kickball, volleyball, softball, races, or a track and field day. These times of laughing and making friends are always winners with every age. Serious sports teams can be developed as well for skills and competitions.

We could go on and on with things to do during support group meetings, but the best thing to remember is know what your group families need and find your group's purpose. Then fulfill that purpose and have fun. Homeschooling is an adventure, and it is exciting journeying together!

Planning the next successful meeting,
Denise & Kristen

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