Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Answer: Spouse Support

About a year ago, I was able to meet some wonderful homeschool group leaders at the Woodlands conference here in Texas. One couple I met has worked together in leadership with the wife being the primary leader of the homeschool group.

The husband stated that with his job, etc, he was not able to lead, but that he was able to support her. I was able to ask him how he serves his family and wife while she attends her meetings, talks on the phone and serves the group. This husband (who wished to remain anonymous) had some really great answers that I'll list here. (Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you use this list as a not-so-subtle hint for your spouse!)

9 Ways a Dad Supports His Group Leader Wife
  1. Cooks--frees up time for her to be on the phone with group members by cooking a meal for the family
  2. Bathtime--gives the kids their baths during the evening while she is on the computer answering emails
  3. Grocery Shops--does the grocery shopping while she is home reading with the kids
  4. Mr. Principal--is involved as the principal of their home school to keep the family on track
  5. Grades--grades the subjects of math and science for all the kids each evening lightening her load
  6. Labs--is responsible for the science labs with the family
  7. Watches--takes care of and watches the kids during leader meetings
  8. Encourages--lifts her up when down and encourages her to continue leading and keep going even on difficult days
  9. Freedom--tries not to ever put her on a guilt trip

It's such a team effort, isn't it?! Let's remember to appreciate our supporting spouses and recognize all the wonderful ways they serve, help, support, give, encourage, balance, pray, lead, and care for us and the success of our families and our work. They are amazing!

Hats off to our spouses,
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