Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday's Answer: Motivating Your Kids

How do you get a child motivated to do their lessons?

We've all been there. Some kids are self-starters and you hardly have to do anything to motivate them and then some (even in the same family) need a lot of encouragement to stay on task. One thing I have found that works to motivate no matter what their learning style or your teaching style is to let kids have large doses of time to do what they LOVE. When the creative streak strikes, let them surrender to it. Set the books and schedule aside and let them LIVE. May we never forget why we homeschool--for the FUN of it! Allowing time for the fun of homeschooling is just one way to keep the balance in your life as a homeschool educator and leader.

One recent, beautiful summer evening, as my husband and daughter were headed to the Texas hill country for church camp and my baby girl and I were snuggling inside the house, my boys got a hankering to tinker. This is what I caught them up to.

Yeah for homeschooling! It's moments of discovery like this that make all the hard work and diligence of constantly encouraging and inspiring our kids to do their lessons worth it.

Breaking it down for you,

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