Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday's Answer: Top 10 Ways to Torture a Tired Leader

How do we deal with problem members?

There will always be problem people who do not consider the work and time that you as a homeschool group leader put into all you do. Sometimes it is a thankless job that gets compounded by those thoughtless members who make you sigh.

We at Homeschool Group Leader applaud your dedication, your service, and your sacrifice! In honor of your job well done, we are offering a little truthful humor written to the guilty ones to help brighten your day. We are not responsible if you hand this out to your members!

Top 10 Ways to Torture a Tired Leader!
  1. Don’t Listen ~ Talk all during the announcements, the meeting discussions and while your leader shares important information.
  2. Be Clueless ~ Ask your leader repeated questions about the information that you didn’t just listen to. Send them one-line questions in individual emails spread out over time.
  3. Fill Other Members' E-mail In Boxes ~ Send your repeated questions and comments to everyone on the list, filling all in-boxes, instead of only the in-box of the leader to whom you're writing.
  4. Quit at the Last Second ~ Volunteer to help with, or better yet--lead--an activity, then back out at the very end, leaving it all for the leader to complete.
  5. Gossip ~ Discuss the leader’s clothes, kids, home life, homeschool, and leadership style --openly and with great fervor.
  6. Complain ~ Never be happy with the place, the decisions, the agenda, the trips, the teachers, or the way the leader looks at you.
  7. Show Up Late ~ Choose carefully the events that need to start at a specific time and strategically and systematically show up 15 or 30 minutes late.
  8. Never Help Clean Up ~ Don’t stay after any event and help clean up. After all, isn’t that what the leader is there for??
  9. Don’t Watch Your Kids ~ Let them run wild or talk while someone else is talking. Then get offended when someone asks them to be quiet or to sit down.
  10. Be Demanding ~ Always express your opinion as fact. Be sure you speak every time someone else does, making sure that your frustrations and wants are very clear each time.

P.S. For more help on dealing with problem members. . .

May you have a light-hearted, problem-free day today,

Denise & Kristen

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Stacy and David said...

Great list, I only wish it did not ring so true. It is always a great idea to take a deep breath and smile before answering a phone call or handling a personal conflict. People can always hear a smile in our voices.

Bonnie said...
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