Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Answer: Set the Example

How do I help others interact positively in the group?
Probably the greatest thing you as a leader can do to help others interact positively in your group is to set the example.

Are you interacting positively with others in the group? Do your group members see you smiling and real (we honestly can't be "up" all the time)? Do you introduce yourself to new visitors and make sure they meet at least one other person? Do you look for those members sitting alone who you can sit and visit with and get to know a little better?

Or do you scuttle around only taking care of business, absorbed in the pressing tasks at hand. If you feel you have no time to build relationships, think again. You can delegate tasks. But relationships are the backbone of your group, so make sure you are purposefully interacting with your members, getting to know them better and letting them get to know you.

You'll both be the better for it!
Kristen & Denise

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1 comment:

MeritK said...

What a great post - Relationships are so important. What a good reminder that we are here to build them not just to do a "job". Thanks for sharing all your leadership insights :)