Monday, October 20, 2008

Teleseminar You Don't Want to Miss!

It's only 24 hours away!

We are excited about all the great tips, ideas and secrets you are going to get when you join us for this info-packed hour.

Our topic: "15 Ways to Increase Attendance," will cover:

  • getting dads involved and feeling welcomed
  • getting teens involved and excited about your group
  • getting volunteers to come out of the woodwork. . . and coming back to help
  • getting more of your members attending meetings, field trips, etc.

The teleseminar will not be about:

  • advertising your group
  • increasing your membership numbers

But how to inspire those already a part of your group to become more committed and active!

Spaces for the call are limited, so call in 5 minutes early to reserve your spot on the call. Print out the call info and tape itby your phone. Here's more details and the info for the call:

Free Teleseminar Call Information

Till Tomorrow,

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