Thursday, October 2, 2008

Has Money Got You Down?

Our friend, Carol Topp, Homeschool CPA, is a name you need in your Rolodex. Whenever you have a financial question for your group, she wants you to think of her as your own CPA.

Carol Topp combines her homeschooling and accounting experiences to especially assist homeschool group leaders. She offers practical advice on starting and running a homeschool organization, receiving tax-exempt 501c3 status with the IRS, forming a board and managing a group budget. Carol also offers money management advice for homeschool families, teens and small businesses.

We have found her website to be very clean and easy to navigate. The FAQ section and blog are particularly helpful. Her nuts and bolts approach to managing your money provides you with very thorough, knowledgeable and step-by-step information to start your family and homeschool group on the upward financial path.

As a published author, Carol shares her expertise and wisdom on many subjects through articles and books. Her newest insightful book for those involved with co-ops, Homeschooling Co-ops: Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out, can be purchased here.

Carol graciously offered a great article for you that we truly believe will be of help to you. You can read it directly online:

We have enjoyed introducing Carol Topp to you. Now you can get to know her and check out all she does by going to her website, We know she will be a blessing to you and your group's financial success.

Many blessings,
Kristen & Denise

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