Sunday, February 17, 2008

You Are Not Alone

When I (Kristen) first became president of our homeschool group, I felt. . . well, let's see. . . intimidated, overwhelmed and completely inadequate. I vividly remember that first monthly meeting.

I was wearing an orchid t-shirt and my favorite blue jeans and I just knew everyone could see me sweating. I didn't speak loudly enough, my hands and lips wouldn't stop quivering, and my thoughts wouldn't come together for the life of me.

Now, forget the fact that I had been voted into that office. And many wonderful people believed strongly in me. And it was those same wonderful people who walked by me at the end of that meeting, smiling and encouraging me and saying how excited they were to be a part of the group.

I was mentored very well by the president before me. She was my confidant, my friend and my advisor and prayer partner during that tough first year. She was a lifeline to me.

But what if you don't have anyone like I did? What if you are the first leader of your group or for some reason, you don't have a good relationship with the one who went before?

That's where we come in. Denise and I want to be there for you.

We built Homeschool Group Leader by the Lord's guidance to mentor you as a leader, turning your heart toward Him and offering you resources and helps for leading your homeschool group in this present age.

We want to know what you need. What are your biggest questions? What are your greatest fears? Please, share your joys with us, too. We wish to rejoice with you and see you fulfill your calling. You can do this!

We commit to pray for you. I had many praying for me during those early days. And the Lord showed me that He alone is my strength and with Him by my side, I was not alone--ever-- even when my hands were shaking and my mind went blank. He will complete His good work in you. He's guaranteed it!


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