Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Vision for this Homeschool Group Leader Blog

About Us~

We're two friends who got know each other through our local homeschool group. We then worked side by side as officers of the homeschool group--Kristen served as President and Denise as Field Trip Coordinator. Refined through the fire of leadership, a lifelong friendship was formed.

Together we wish to share hindsight wisdom gained from our experiences and the experiences of other veteran homeschool group leaders. You are invited to laugh and cry with us, witness the times we failed while doing it our way, and the times we succeeded doing it the Lord's way. We've learned so much and hope our input will shorten your learning curve as a homeschool group leader.

This blog will serve as the central place for leaders to come for solutions to leadership questions, to find encouragement and hope, as well as current tips, trends, and rockin' resources.

Denise and Kristen

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