Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Tips on Starting a Homeschool Group Newsletter

Your tasteful design will draw readers to your newsletter which helps you reach your group with the important information they need.

Good taste in design usually is synonymous with simplicity--thus an uncluttered look.

A well-chosen graphic line, lines or clip art add interest and polish, but don't overdo it. You want the graphics you choose to draw attention to your content, not to itself.

Keeping the clutter to a minimum is also achieved by keeping your writing to 2-3 fonts and sizes. There are some exceptions, but a clean, polished look that works together is best for clear readability.

Use the interesting templates on Word or Publisher or other software to quickly make your newsletter. To make your own template, you can make one large text box with 3-4 columns as your guide. Then add text boxes within the columns for each article. Fill in the great graphics; add your calendar and send it out.

Your homeschool group will love it and reference it often!

Denise & Kristen

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