Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to Get People to Help, Part 2

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Then communicate some more.

In the last post, we revealed the value of connecting with your members, so that relationships are solidly formed and everyone feels needed and cared for. This will result in more contented and involved members.

The second part of how to get people to help is to communicate clearly.

A leader must communicate vision and purpose continually. You cannot get the purpose in front of the people enough. Remember that.

Whether you are casting the vision for your group's existence or sharing the purpose of an individual event, you cannot overdo communication.

Let's say your group is hosting a parent planning meeting to decide events and activities for the upcoming school year. Several months ahead, begin to let people know it's coming up. Mention it at every monthly meeting, in your newsletter, on your web site or Yahoo group calendar. A crafty graphics person in your group could design a flyer for members to share with their friends and neighbors who might be interested in homeschooling. Encourage them to invite.

Build excitement for the event by communicating details of interest. Will there be any door prizes? Any discounts offered to those who come? Do you need a volunteer for a specific table? Will there be arrangements for the children? Do you want dads there, too? FORSEE any questions your members may have and ANSWER them. You will have much more involvement if you communicate clearly the value of the event to the members and what you need from them.

Getting people to help is fun and easy when you concentrate your energy on connecting with each member in a personal way and making very clear the benefits of the events you all choose to do together.

Talk it Up!


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Gfam said...

I was grieved to hear of the loss of Kristen. Her work has greatly blessed me. My prayers are with you all.

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