Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Too Busy to be the Expert

Even during this busy Christmas season, homeschool group leaders are often contacted by prospective homeschooling families that are exploring the possibility of educating their children at home. It can be difficult to keep your family priorities in place, take care of current homeschool group commitments, AND help these people understand their next steps.

Keep it simple. Take down their name, phone number and email address. Tell them you will send them some great information by email to get them started. Then invite them to call you back when they have read these and have definitely made their decision to homeschool.

What can you send them? Here are some suggestions:
  1. This Mary Pride article is a great one to answer basic questions and start them on their way:

  2. A link to your state and local homeschool laws and regulations (usually found at your state homeschool group's website)

  3. A link to your homeschool group website or web page that explains what your local group is all about.

Send this email out to the family as quickly as possible. Don't think about it too hard or too long. Give yourself permission not to expend all your energy on someone who isn't homeschooling yet. You are there to get them information, not convince them.

Believe us, it is tempting and easy to soak up tons of time chatting with someone on the phone who's just gathering information. And then they never even show up to any of your events or meetings. Do yourself and your group a favor, and save the bulk of your energy for those who are already committed to the journey of homeschooling and to your local group.

Have wonderful Christmas season,
Denise & Kristen

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