Friday, November 19, 2010

7 Habits of Very Organized People

Just a few recent stints of de-cluttering my home makes me feel like I have been set free from mental bondage. LOL. Yes, I keep things way too long, always thinking that I am going to do something with them someday.

But the piles grow and become all-too-overwhelming after awhile. After so many times of writing it on my "to-do-list-that-never-gets-done," I begin to just ignore the ideas/piles and the pressure they bring. So, for today, I am being a realist and throwing out or giving away several things that I know I'll never get done.

In the process I found this printed ebook, "Tips to Get Organized and to Declutter Your Home." Skimming it quickly, I was reminded of an advertisement for a book I saw recently that claimed the secret to success. The premise was to just do what you already know to do! Ah, yes, that would work, wouldn't it!

Well, to summarize this whole ebooklet for you before I declutter it into the trash. . . just take every room or problem area that you fight and put this word in front of it--SIMPLIFY. Yep, that's it.

Simplify your routine.
Simplify your possessions.
Simplify your meals.
Simplify your cleaning.

Simplify, simplify, simplify. It sounds so simple, doesn't it?

The last page did have this interesting list, and I just have to pass it on. (I could not find the author listed anywhere.)

The 7 Habits of Very Organized People

  1. They have a place for everything. Every item has a consistent, assigned home.

  2. They put things back. Whenever an item has been removed from its assigned home, it is used and then immediately returned to its home. There are no temporary holding places.

  3. They write things down. Organized people make lists and notes, and keep these in one consistent place--such as a planner, notebook, computer or calendar. They don't try to remember things in their heads. They simply reference their lists and notes throughout the day.

  4. They don't allow papers to pile up. Papers are filed each day, not left to grow into mountains. Mail is opened over the trash bin, bills are tucked into a system until bill-paying day, and magazines are read within a week or two and then recycled.

  5. They don't procrastinate. When something has to be done, organized people schedule time to do it and then they keep that scheduled appointment. They know that the more they delay, the more likely opportunities will pass.

  6. They set goals and assign deadlines. Organized people know that if they want to get things done, they need to know exactly what they want the end result to be. . . and by what date. They review these goals often, and set aside time each day to work on achieving them. They review what they've accomplished and never forget to reward themselves for reaching their goal.

  7. They only keep what they use and/or enjoy. Organized people can't stand anything taking up space that doesn't have a useful or pleasurable purpose in their lives. They are big believers in simplicity. [italics mine]

Well, I'm relieved that I only have 7 things to work on to become a "very organized person." That's very encouraging. How about you?

Simply thankful,


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