Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday's Wisdom: Time Management & Self-Control

Time can be an enemy with no mercy--that gives no second chances.

Time is particularly difficult for me to manage. I always have good intentions and plan to get important things done, but by the end of the day I feel like time defeated me again. So many things are left undone. Too many minutes went by without accomplishment.

This week I read an article written in 1967 called "The Tyranny of the Urgent" that spoke to my heart just as if it had been written today. Had the author seen the future and observed my life to write it? In it he gets straight to the heart of the struggle between the important and the urgent. It's good--really good.
"Tyranny of the Urgent"

Reading the article guided me to self-evaluate and to see the need for self-control. I am definitely better than I used to be, but I am still trying to defeat this giant every day. (We are more than conquerors through Christ our Lord.) I know that it will get better as I practice disciplines and establish winning habits.

"Control your time; control your destiny." You, as Homeschool Group Leaders, may need to drastically evaluate your time and learn to not let the urgent (for example, calls from members) steal all your time. Setting boundaries on your schedule for group duties will help you be successful in the important.

Here's a blog with a lot of practical ideas on implementing the truth in the article for you at home:
"Fighting the Tyranny of the Urgent at Home"

~Remember, take just enough time to read these where they are helpful to you, but not so much time where you are robbed of your day. ;-)

Learning to be wise in my time,
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Anonymous said...

ha! how ironic...I was just sitting here growling at myself for spending the WHOLE DAY trying to make plans for our homeschool group for next year. What is the matter with me?!? Thanks for this post. I will try not to spend the whole evening here reading it lol!

Kristen and Denise said...

Good for you. Give yourself permission to take a break!

I love FlyLady, and she always says that you can do anything for 15 minutes. The nice thing about tackling planning and tasks 15 minutes at a time is that it doesn't devour your time with your family.

And remember,don't even dwell on what you've got to get done while you are investing in your family and their future! It will all still be there . . . promise! :-)


happyhome said...

Great article. The ironic thing is that most hs group leaders tend to be type A personalities (that's why we're running groups!), thinking we can tackle both the urgent AND the important with no problem. Thanks for reminding us we not only can't, but we shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

I saw your post and just wanted to encourage you all today. If you are walking around day by day thinking about all of those minutes that went by without accomplisment then I challenge you to think about one thing. What is your job to be as a christian women, as a christian wife, as a christian person? It's the same as that of Jesus which was to reflect the father's will. Jesus didn't speak unless his father gave him the words. Jesus continually reminded his disciples that he was in the father and that the father was in him (John 14) and that if you say you know Jesus then you will know the Father. Jesus was not here to do anything other than to reflect the glory of the Father. That is our job, too. Well, how is this done? Do we accomplish many things in a day? Do we hold back our tempers, right? Do we pray a little longer in the morning? Perhaps we make an extra meal for a friend who is sick? All of these things are wonderful and certainly something that Jesus would be happy about, BUT, the one thing that we must realize is that our center, our goal, or focus, and our passion, our love, should be that towards the Father, not on our to do lists. We must move and live and have our being in HIM. Just as Jesus and the Father are one, they live in the regenerated Christian. Jesus has enlivened our Spirits and we are filled with HIM. He is our provision. He has already provided what we need, what we are to say, what we are to do, daily. Do you need more peace today? What about Patience? How about more Love for an unfocused child? Well, Jesus is all of these things, already. He is Love, He is our Peace, He is our Patience. When we lack these things in our lives and in our homes, we need not pray for more of them for they are already there, in you, through HIM. You must step aside your fleshly desires that war against Him and let him "Be" through you. Your flesh will not like this, you will feel the struggle, but as your surrender to your loving heavenly father and "DO" as he instructs you, what comes out of you will be the total essense of Christ. You will be peaceful, you will be joyful, you will have goodness because it's already there. These are the fruit of the SPIRIT, who lives in you; Jesus. These things do not come from your flesh, but from your spirit who is conjoined with Christ. And, if you so ironically notice, that the thing we strive most for, the thing we want so much to do...control the self....happens to be the last fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians. So, if you think you can control yourself, keep being defeated day by day, because you cannot do it. You must surrender and let the essence of Christ be your self control as you peer into the face of the most beautiful and loving Prince of Peace. He has claimed you for His own! You are loved and wholly accepted, just as you are right now. He has washed you in te blood of the lamb and made you new. He has defeated the flesh and made our spirits new. We must consider ourselves dead and alive in HIM. For the scripture says, "I have been crucified with Christ for it is no longer I that live but Christ that lives in me." What a beautiful and joyful message. Rest in Him today, women of Faith.


A Former Home School Mom of 4