Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday's Wisdom: Getting the Word Out

With summer just around the corner, many homeschoolers are finishing up the year's lessons and are planning toward family vacations or fun summer classes.

They are also likely making their next year's school plans. Homeschooling mom of three and wife to a former Marine, Kacey Johnson (seen in the picture above) is already making her plans for next year, visiting the local homeschool bookstore and organizing at home.

As a former homeschool group leader, Johnson knows the value of getting the word out about a homeschool group safely and in places that homeschoolers frequent. "If you are going to post flyers, you don't want to necessarily plaster them just anywhere and everywhere," she said. "Post them where homeschoolers go--like the grocery store, library, bookstores, or maybe even coffee shops."

Pointing out that people turn to the internet for much of the information they need, "it would be a shame not to use the internet to let people know we are out there," she said. "Our group mostly let people know we were out there through our web site. Most folks will 'google' anything, and we tried to make ourselves very accessible online through the search engines."

Finding success in making their homeschool group "super, super accessible on the web," Johnson encourages other leaders to market their groups differently than in the past. "You can control the information on your web site so that people can see who you are and get involved if they like what they see."

You can find other homeschool group leaders on the world wide web on Facebook (be sure to have your personal Facebook account already up when you click on this link).

See you there!
Kristen & Denise

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