Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday's Wisdom: Leading at Home

Recently, we had a nice conversation with one of our favorite leading couples, Hal and Melanie Young, authors of Raising Real Men, on the topic of homeschool group leaders finding the balance in their responsibilities and leading well at home with their own families.

We have loved every part of the interview with this dedicated and visionary couple, but this segment hit home. This one got personal. Leading and teaching leadership at home impacts every family, including ours.

{If you've missed the other parts of this amazing interview, you can read them here: Leading at the State Level and Leading at the Local Level}

HGL: Hal, we’ve heard you say that:
Leadership looks like a lot of glory from the outside, but behind the scenes, it’s not nearly as pretty. Self-sacrifice, hard work and difficult decisions can lead to burnout if you aren’t prepared for the fight. History shows that often victory’s just a little push more, a little longer endurance.

That’s an amazing quote. What is your top tip for keeping life balanced and not burning out as a homeschool group leader?

Hal: Balance is the real key. And it’s like doing anything in life--if you have one area overwhelming others, then things start to fall through the cracks. So, one thing that I’ve found very helpful is just keeping a good running log of what I am doing and staying on top of communication. Remember relationships are very important--not just within the homeschool organization, but also keeping the family relationships going.

Melanie: That’s what is probably my top tip--is that you can’t neglect your own children and teach other people how to take care of theirs. Scripture tells us that in the leadership of the church, a man should have his own house in order before he leads the church of God. That’s a pretty good practice that we need, to make sure that our own homes are in order.

It’s too easy to neglect the mundane duties of life: our own schools, our own laundry, our own relationships with our children, for the demands--the time-sensitive demands--of leadership.

You’ve got to keep your eyes on God’s priority or you will burn out.

Well said!
Our kids are calling. Gotta run!
Denise & Kristen

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