Sunday, January 17, 2010

Support Group Leadership Seminar in Houston, TX

Support Group Leadership Seminar
SETHSA will be sponsoring a leadership training workshop for all Support Group Leaders on

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
9:30am - 3:30pm
Lunch provided
Parkway Fellowship which is located at
13414 Briar Forest Dr, Houston.

Hank Tate has been very active in the homeschool community since the founding of SETHSA in the mid-80s, has developed a seminar that specifically targets the various areas in which leaders are confronted. Hank will encourage each participant regarding ways to meet the needs of the families that comprise your group. He will help you learn the skills needed to become a better leader.

Please RSVP to with a list of those leaders who plan to attend by January 22nd.
Note: Lunch will be provided for those leaders who have been enrolled. There is no child care available. If you need to bring your children please provide quiet activities for them and a lunch.

This seminar will be a great opportunity for renewal for every support group leader.

The seminar schedule is:
9:30--Burnout in Leadership
An encouraging review of the realities of leadership - challenges, frustrations, heartaches, and over work. This session will lift your heart and remind you of the foundational reasons that you are investing yourself in helping families start and succeed in homeschooling. You will come out refreshed and renewed.
10:45--Foundations of Leadership
Surrounding yourself with helpers and future leaders is critical to long-term success for any organization. We will discover together, and discuss as a group, a variety of ways to identify and train future leaders within your group.
1:00--Dealing with Conflict
Conflict is inevitable for anyone in leadership. It is impossible to make everyone happy, but for those who care it is often painful to deal with conflict effectively. We will discuss the realities of conflict, types of conflict, and real-life experiences that demonstrate key principles for dealing with conflict. This workshop will build your confidence to face conflict wisely and will encourage you with insights on how to address the emotions that arise through conflict.

We will have an open Question & Answer session to address the issues and challenges on your heart. Hank & Jeannie Tate will share experiences from their 25 years of service to homeschoolers and everyone will be encouraged to share discoveries on how to handle issues successfully. Come prepared to share where you are struggling and need help.


JoJo Tabares said...

Sounds like a great event!

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway we can be hooked up by the internet or phone to listen to this if we live far away? Or, will information come out on your site all about the seminar?

Anonymous said...

This seminar sounds wonderful!
Though it also would be quite a commute from chilly New Hampshire!

Will there be a CD made of the talks or a transcript or a list of resources for those of us who cannot make this seminar?

My partner & I are in our 1st yr of an academic Co-Op & are looking to identify & address risks before they become distractions or problems within the group. My partner is planning to move out of the area in late spring, after our 1st year is completed. I will have to find another partner for next year: don't know who this will be just yet, but we are praying for direction & discernment.

Thanks for all you do-

Melissa said...

I can't get to Houston, but wondered if these talks would be available on audio? I'd love to hear them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the interest! It's a joy to hear that others are interested in the upcoming Homeschool Leadership workshop. We ARE planning to record the sessions and post the audio, overheads, and notes for each of the sessions on along with my Beginner Workshops series, "How to Homeschool Successfully!" and the other workshops posted there.

Pray that the Lord will bring good attendance and that hearts will be encouraged and blessed.

I would be glad to discuss the materials and answer any questions that others have about the workshop. We are constantly in awe that the Lord has allowed us the joy of serving in homeschool leadership the last 24 years, and pray that some things we've learned may be of value to others.

If you want to write with any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a note. We're here to serve as the Lord allows!

Hank Tate