Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are You Diving Into the New Year? . . or Are You Just Treading Water?

Happy New Year!

This is such a good time to evaluate the past year, enjoy the memories and learn from mistakes. It is the perfect time to dive into new goals and follow your vision and get new creative ideas flowing.

However, sometimes the New Year comes so quickly that you feel more overwhelmed than brimming with hope. Where is the surge of excitement and promise? If you are feeling like you are just surviving this season, there is hope. This article is for you:

TREADING WATER: It Can Save Your Life
by Denise Hyde

Learning to swim in college was a true leap into overcoming fear. My lack of knowledge and experience kept me trembling on the pool side, but it also fueled my determination to face my fears and accomplish this skill.

I found that while I was moving, learning the strokes and kicking, it was easy to stay afloat and have fun. But, oh, when it came time to learn to tread water, all the fun drained out of the pool. Every time I felt the water creep up my neck I panicked. It was all I could do to pass that test.

The other day I was talking with a friend on the phone about the struggles and difficulties of progressing in our daily Christian life, in our home-work, homeschooling, and being a leader. There are times it seems like life is only surviving, not thriving. The analogy of treading water came up as a description of feeling inadequate and unproductive. As I considered this, I remembered all the reasons my coach had taught me the skill of treading water and realized. . .

the rest of the story. . .

Many prayers and blessings for you this year,

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JoJo Tabares said...

Looking forward to working with you both in 2010. So glad I have been blessed to meet you. I've posted my own New Year's message on my blog as well. Enjoy!