Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday's Answer: Overcoming Inadequacies

How do you start? How do you overcome taking the beginning steps of starting a group when you are not sure what you want it to be? . . .when you have to know things because it is a group for homeschoolers within a large church? . . . and if their name (and inherently Jesus' name) is on it, you want it to be done right? . . .when you are blinded by your own failings and weaknesses?

Establishing a vision is the first important step of starting a group. When you are not sure what you want the group to be, begin by jotting down a list of dreams or goals that you desire for the group.

Do some research on the internet looking up various groups and their mission statements. Copy down what you like from each and begin to pull together your vision through prayer.

Find a couple of other homeschool families to join together with you in planning and prayer. You can discuss the goals and needs of your families, bringing everyone's best ideas to the vision.

Be careful. It is easy to think through the process too long and agonize over every detail trying to be perfect. You need a balance between getting the work done and having it be excellent. Excellence is a wonderful goal, but becomes unhealthy when it overtakes you with fear. Fear can paralyze you by reminding you of your failings and inadequacies. Fears of not being perfect, of making a mistake, of dishonoring the Lord, of disappointing others, of the unknown, of not doing things right, of failing, or of being weak can hold you back from any acomplishment. Here's more on how to overcome fears, including those of your own inadequacies--Friday's Answer: Overcoming Crippling Fear.

The Bible says in Philippians not to worry. When we are tempted to worry, there is a simple solution. God wants us to forget the worry and tell Him what we NEED. If we follow that immediately with thanking Him for all He's done for us in the past, a wall of belief is built. This wall of belief blocks the worry and propels us forward in faith--faith that He will meet our newest need.

Many blessings as you start your group,
Denise & Kristen
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Anonymous said...

Remember to use the Word of God as your source when questions arise. He's been so faithful to show us how to deal with questions and problems through His word and by His Spirit.
Also...a healthy group will change from year to year, as the needs of the members change. So don't sweat it! What you craft this year will not be the same next year, and that's okay.

Beth said...

When 2 friends and I started a support group 13 years ago, we start out by prayerfully writing a Statement of Faith ( not necessary if you are part of a church ) and deciding on a basic structure. We looked at other groups and came up with some By Laws - we would have a 7 member Leadership Council ( we didn't even have 7 members yet :-) , we would not set a limit on the number of members but would let the group grow as the Lord brought people, we would have a monthly parent meeting and a newsletter for information, encouragment, and support, and then add activities as families were led to start them! At our first meeting we had 20 people, and we brainstormed a "dream list" - things we each thought would be wonderful to do or have to enrich our homeschooling experience. We prayed over that list and over time, the Lord brought just about every one of those things to fruition. I agree with Denise & Kristen that fear can be paralyzing, so start simply and keep going to God as a group, asking Him to direct you.