Friday, May 1, 2009

Guest Friday's Answer: Being THERE for the Group

We're excited to bring you leadership wisdom from wonderful veteran leaders around the country in our "Guest Friday's Answer."

Our first guest post is by Sheila Campbell, the Leader Liasion for the Texas Home School Coalition. She co-founded Integrity Home Educators with her husband in 1994 in Plainview and faithfully led it for over a decade, recently stepping down as the youngest of her children is graduating.

She is a gifted writer and you can read one of her encouraging articles about extraordinary leadership from ordinary leaders here.

Sheila has been an abundant blessing to us at Homeschool Group Leader and we know she will be to you as well. ~Kristen and Denise

I'm not sure I can be THERE for the group. I have 4 grades (again) this year, and my oldest is in Grade 12 - he really requires a lot of work this year. BUT, I'm the only one motivated to do anything at all, as well as having the history behind my homeschooling and the area. How do I do something for the group without being overwhelmed?

Veteran leaders are always needed in leadership, but they do not have to be the primary leader. Find a venue, such as moms’ night out, where you can share your expertise and knowledge of the group’s history and make that your primary focus of leadership.

Make it clear at the beginning of the year that this will be the only activity/event that you will be responsible for and then be careful not to add any thing else to your duties. If no one steps up to the plate and takes responsibility for leadership in other areas of your group, then let those activities go.

One of the biggest and most important aspects of a good leader is the ability to pass the baton. If you want to see the group continue to grow and thrive after you’re gone, then you must not only pass down the responsibilities, but also the vision behind them.
Sheila Campbell

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