Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's Answer: Connect, Listen, & Reward

How do you get the majority of members to get involved?

Servant leaders, including all homeschool group leaders, are always looking for their members to be involved. This is not because they want to impress with large numbers, but because they wisely realize that to lead successfully they must have followers and to serve faithfully they must have people to serve.

Promote your group's percentage of member involvement by consistently following these 3 vital guidelines:

  1. Help them feel connected. Families that have at least 2 other friends in the group will be comfortable and excited to participate and join the activities.

  2. Listen to their needs. Know the needs of your members by getting to know them, asking them regularly, and taking polls. As specific needs are met, involvement will grow.

  3. Reward them with praise. A warm smile, a word of appreciation and a sincere compliment will lift their spirits and draw them to you and your group again and again.

There are so many ways to promote member involvement that we are writing an ebook about the subject! We pray that it will truly meet your needs and serve you as you serve others.

We would love to hear and include your ideas on how to improve member involvement. Please share your experiences with leaders everywhere by leaving a comment here on this blog.

Thank you for serving and sharing,
Denise & Kristen
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Stacy and David said...

About half of our membership have Facebook accounts and we use this means to stay connected. We sometimes give away doorprizes that have the group's logo on it. We get these for next to nothing from Vista Print (online). We also try to publicly say Thank you often in our newsletter for any & everything we can think of. And on that note, thank you to Kristen & Denise for the encouragement, guidance, and inspriation your writings give to tired servants. You go girls!

Kristen and Denise said...

Thanks for the tip about Vista Print! Leaders always need fresh, inexpensive ideas. Great idea.

Heart ya,
Kristen & Denise