Thursday, July 10, 2008

Subway Listened to Homeschoolers!

Here's a great opportunity! Subway has revamped and reintroduced their "Every Sandwich Tells a Story" contest to include homeschoolers. It is now the "Summer Special" that is running until August 31st.

Jim Bob Howard of "Homeschooling Today" magazine wrote, "For all those who clamored about Subway excluding homeschoolers, now's the time to show them that we will indeed participate when they include us. The registration form I saw asks for the Child's School Name, so homeschoolers should make sure they enter something like *Smith Family Homeschool*, rather than *Smith Academy*."

See the details here: SUBWAY STORY CONTEST

Let your families know about this great educational opportunity and the chance to win really great prizes. Grab your pens, write with imagination and share some laughs!

Have a great day,
Denise & Kristen

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