Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Graduation Time

Homeschool graduations are as unique as each family and even as unique as each student.

There are several ways to support your families during this time of celebration and transition. Your group can help to honor the graduates (elementary or secondary) in small or big ways. Honoring the graduates may be as simple as a small gift for each of the students or hosting a graduation event.

One year our homeschool group gave graduation cards with a small gift card inside to each of the senior graduates. Another year our group hosted a graduation ceremony for the fifth graders who were going into sixth grade. It was complete with cap and gown, awards, diplomas, and a reception. For the reception, one of the fathers had created a dvd of the students' childhood photos set to music. We had plenty of Kleenexes in the room!

Today we wanted to give you some resources to help you prepare your families in your group for this important and exciting time:

Here are some great articles, ideas and diplomas:

We had success with this company:

This is a personal graduation story that can give you some encouragement:

Graduation is a time when you can highlight the accomplishments and hard work of those in your group, when you may be the only source of support that they have. You have the unique opportunity to praise, reward and publicize the benefits and blessings of homeschooling. Your efforts can deeply encourage those families who have selflessly journeyed this less traveled road.

You are doing a great job!
Kristen & Denise

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